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Everyone has their own "problem" zone that they would like to pay attention to so I've designed some classes to target those areas for you.  Check out the classes below and decide which one best meets your needs.  Of course, take them all and you'll have yourself one mean body. Christina also does 1 on 1 training and small group training, contact me with any inquiries.

What Do You Want To Work?

    "The secret of getting ahead is getting started."
                                    - Agatha Christie
SPINNING - "Moving On a Bike"     Every Day


Combining inspirational coaching and high-energy music, Christina spinning classes offer an engaging workout that benefits both the mind and the body, riders burn calories and get their hearts pumping.

TOTAL BODY CONDITIONING - "Bringing it All Over"     


Strength Training, Toning,Total Body Conditioning! A “head to toe” toning workout achieved through high repetition, non-cardio exercises, using body bars, barbells, dumbbells and more.



45 min mixed interval ride incorporating upper body work with small hand weights.  TotalBody, TotalCore, TotalTone



Barre workout that blends ballet, yoga and Pilates to create long, lean lines and tight

compact muscles. 

BODYPUMP™ - "Pumping it Up"       


BODYPUMP™ is the original barbell class that shapes, tones and strengthens your entire body. Often referred to as ‘Pump' by those who love it, it's one of the world's fastest ways to get in shape.

PUMP IT! - "Lift, Butts, & Guts"       


A real weights workout designed to strengthen, build, tone and condition the body and increase strength and endurance in the major muscle groups.  You will work and strengthen your core- the engine room for movement and power delivery.  REAL RESULTS, REAL FAST!

BOOT CAMP - "Pretty Please"       


Bootcamp combines intervals of cardio drills and muscle conditioning exercise to provide you with the ultimate circuit workout. Bootcamps are outside on the beach weather permitting.



Grab a bar and some plates and great ready to LIFT!  This full-body barbell workout will tackle all your major muscle groups one by one.  Squat, lunge, curl, and press your way to a stronger, fitter and more toned YOU!



Move to the beat in this high-intensity cardio challenge that uses music to motivate your mood.

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