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About Christina

How high can you fly?

Christina Stuttard is a trainer and group fitness instructor . She creates all of her own unique routines. Through her strong motivation, enormous energy and sassy personality, Christina gives her clients the drive to be the best version of themselves, not only helping them improve their body but their mind and spirit. She has been described as “punky, spunky, uberfit instructor who loves to whip people into shape”.A large part of Christina’s training involves working outside the “comfort zone”.  Christina lives by this method.

In April of 2021, Christina has been fortunate to be able to move to her beloved home in Spain where she continues to train clients in person or via zoom.

Christina grew up in London, where she gained a Bsc Hons in Biochemistry.  She has spent many years working in the advertising and recruitment world.  In 2001, she moved to the United States.  It was at this point her lifetime love of fitness of and exercise took her down the path of teaching fitness. 

Christina is married and has 3 amazing kids.

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